Reclaim Recipe Sanity With This Bookmarklet

Reclaim Recipe Sanity With This Bookmarklet

Online recipes have become a weird economy of maximizing advertising revenue, and diluting the recipe with narrative and blog. This bookmarklet will let you cut the fat.

You can drag this link to your bookmark toolbar:
Clean up recipe page

Then on any annoying recipe site, you can click that bookmark to open it in, a site that simplifies recipe pages easily, and does most of the heavy lifting.

Be careful when clicking bookmarklets from sources you don't trust: They get to run a script on the page you click them in!

What I like to do is have recipes formatted in the style of Cooking for Engineers, so to simplify that conversion process I've also created a custom GPT for that process: Chef Matrix. Paste a recipe to that GPT, or even just ask it for a recipe, to get an easy to follow table of the recipe.

Update: Multiple readers have said the cross-platform paid app Paprika provides this feature, along with cross-device syncing & multi-user sharing. Sounds pretty cool too, if you don't mind paying.